To Wendy Shortland

'Saraswati' by Anita Davies

This is my reply postcard to Wendy, although it hasn't scanned exceptionally well the red is a litle stronger than shown here.

After doing a little detective work on her blog I discovered that Wendy loves Bali and has been travelling there for 20 years, it's her second home. So, I painted her a Hindu Goddess.
Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, what I didn't know is that she is also the Goddess of music and the arts.


Wendy said...

So clever Anita. I have a Sarawati statue in my bedroom. I also have a sarawati-ish one in my garden. They have Sarawati Day in Bali ever Balinese year (about 6 months) but its mostly about books. I adopted her as my personal goddess when I became a full-time student. Looking forward to it arriving.

Anonymous said...

wow! what a great addition for Wendy's collection! lovely work Anita!....deni.....;)

Margaret Ann said...

You have such a "magical touch" when it comes to selecting your subject matter for each participant. These continue to be such fun to read and a sheer delight to view.

Joan said...

This looks like a perfect image for Wendy. Beautiful work on Saraswati's dramatic face!