From Frankye White

'Basket of sunshine' by Frankye White

Frankye's beautiful coloured birds arrived this week too!

I love the colour red and birds are a hot topic around our home after recently obtaining two pet budgies. This really is a 'happy' card, uplifting and strong.

Thank you so much Frankye.


Frankye said...

Anita, thank you for your kind words about my postcard. After seeing the other cards posted each day, I had second thoughts about sending it!
I have a parrot now and have had budgies throughout my life. Birds take a lot of work but offer a bunch of joy.
We have beautiful cardinals here and they call to one another in the morning and at dusk. Their little faces with black masks remind me of raccoons. They are little "bandits" with wings! Thanks again for this wonderful group you have started.

Anita Davies said...

I'm so pleased that you decided to send it Frankye. I love the idea that they are little 'bandits' with wings!