To Louise Rocheleau

'Louise' by Anita Davies

This is my reply to Louise Rocheleau in Canada.

Sketched with pigment liner and watercolour from my imagination. I selected the colours from the envelope and writing paper Louise included with her postcard to me.

I posted it this morning!

To Susan Robinson

'I Love Coffee' by Anita Davies

This is my reply to Susan Robinson in California.

I painted it from imagination, straight from the heart. I drink ALOT of coffee and I simply cannot operate without it in the morning, in fact, coffee is the ONLY drink that passes my lips throughout the day...everyday.
No prizes for guessing where my insomnia comes from then!

Just need to pop a few words on the back and hope to post it first thing in the morning Susan.


From Louise Rocheleau

'Cortinarius Alboriolaceus' by Louise Rocheleau

Lousie's card also arrived this morning - Two in one morning...How lucky am I?

Such a fine, delicate work of one of the many mushrooms her Husband has brought home from work through the years. Such a beautiful piece that, to me, feels so feminine.

Thankyou Louise!

From Susan Robinson

'Red Bluff Round-up' by Susan Robinson

Susan's wonderful rodeo card arrived this morning and I just love how she chose a topic that was close to her community's heart.
Susan feels the card looked better without the lettering but I love it, along with her loose watercolour approach and the turn she has achieved on both the horse and it's rider. .

Thank you so much Susan!


To Rita Cleary

'Rita' by Anita Davies

This is my reply to Rita Cleary in the USA.

Sketched with pigment liner and watercolour from my imagination.
Since scanning, and trying very hard to get the pinks to look true and failing, I have signed it and written a few words on the back.

I'll be posting it this morning!


From Rita Cleary

'Honey' by Rita Cleary

Well here it is, the first postcard to arrive in the post through this project and what a beauty! Rita you have excelled yourself, Honey is adorable!

Thankyou so much for taking part Rita, I am now off to create a postcard for you.


22 Participants

Yes, 22!!!!
This is going to be so much fun!


18 participants

That's how many emails I have so far...18!
So, yesterday was spent putting an order in for some more blank postcards in preparation.

Can't wait for the first to arrive!



Thank you all for the huge response to this project, I am even more excited about it now and look forward to receiving my first card.

There is a chance I may publish or exhibit your card in the future, by joining this project you give your permission for me to do so. If this causes any problems for you please email me to withdraw.