To Stacy Holst

'Favourite Things' by Anita Davies

This is my reply postcard to Stacy Holst.

Stacy sent me an 'I love snowmen' card so I thought I'd send her a few of my favourie things. One of the things I have enjoyed since childhood is creating poetry and little rhymes, so I made one for Stacy and printed it around the various sketches.
It reads:

Brushes, pencils, paints and shoes by the sack,
Fenland landscape and hot coffee, all black.
Raspberries, wild flowers, the Lord of the Rings,
These are a few of my favourite things!

Hope you like it Stacy, I'll be posting it first thing Monday morning!


E-J said...

Hehe, you and your flippin' coffee. Another thoughtful postcard - Stacy will treasure it.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Shoes, views AND a rhyme..and all served up at coffee time! *LOL*....great card! deni....;)

Joan said...

What a nice collection of "favorite things" and a bit of poetry too! Any more talents you're hiding?

Stacy Kathryn Holst said...

Ohhhh! I like this, can't wait to get it!! :o)