To Joan Sandford-Cook

'Joannie' by Anita Davies

In a comment to a previous post here, Joan threw a proper hissy fit demanding her very own shoe design.
I love a woman with attitude...So, here it is!

I chose shades of green and aqua, colours I know Joan often wears.
It stands upon a tiled floor because Joan often puts them in her paintings of bars and churches.
It is feminine yet sensible in heel size, a MUST for such an active lady.
It was designed to resemble a shoe in a fairy tale; a glass slipper because Joan is a woman to admire, she is not afraid to work hard and her kindness and support for others remind me of Snow White and Cinderella. In my mind she is a real fairytale Princess.
Lastly, Joan is famous for texture in her paintings, so I just had to add a few sequins and beads, a little sparkle to match the one she brings with her into every room.

I hope you like them Joannie!


Sandy said...

These sassy shoe sketches have been such fun -

bec said...

How cool is that--A shoe designed just for Joan! She's one lucky woman.
BTW- I just mailed my postcard to you today--hope it doesn't take forever get there.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhh Anita! My first thought upon seeing this shoe was that it looked like Cinderella's slipper.. then I read your comments and it just so fits!! (no pun intended...;) I hope MY postcard is getting closer to you day by day.....lovely work! deni..;)

Joan said...

Joanie can be really stylish with this one! Beautiful colors in this!! She will love it! Just a heads up - my card is on the way to you.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

My very special stylish 'glass slipper' arrived in the post today. What a pal to have and thanks for the added beads... What can I say about your comments and inspiration for the design. I am embarrased at such glowing terms - I wish I could live up to them. Didn't expect you to post both my cards - I had felt the strelizia (by the way also known as The Bird of Paradise flower) was too busy but it scans up well and I needed to practice more figures.

Anita Davies said...

Thanx Sandy.
Bec, it arrived today!

Anita Davies said...

LOL...That's great that you also thought glass slipper Deni...Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks Joan - your card has also arrived.

Anita Davies said...

Of course I posted them both Joannie, both dserve a spolight.
So pleased to have embarassed you! ;)