From Emma-Jane Rosenberg

'Hippocamp' by Emma-Jane Rosenberg

E-J's card also arrived this morning, complete with a little Moo card inside the envelope.

I love the green and aqua shades that she chose for this piece, so soothing and peaceful.
On her card E-J said she believed he was technically known as a hippocamp, she added:
'It could have been worse, I could have sent you a camp hippo'

Thank you so much for your beautiful card and for putting a smile on my face this morning E-J.


Anonymous said...

I don't know much about hippos...but this looks like a lovely seahorse to me!!...deni...;)

Joan said...

E-J's card is lovely! I love the seahorse and the wonderful under-the-sea colors.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning Emma Jane re the camp hippo. I'd already said in your blog how much I loved these colours and a delightful subject for Anita's postcard project. Anita, I adore the fact that all your response cards are so appropriate and think the work from each participant is so interesting and diverse. I reckon your idea of a pub-
lication in due time will be delightful and most successful. Well, we'd all buy one!!!! or more.