From Kate Muhlstadt

'Gerbera Daisy' by Kate Muhlstadt

This postcard from Kate arrived in the post this morning and in temperature of minus 6 I opened it in the frozen white landscape of the Fens. You can imagine my delight as this bold red flashed from inside the envelope, warming my chilled hands and brightening my day.

I love it kate, from the lush, vibrant colour and the text paper to the beautifully painted bloom that sits so perfectly upon it!!!
Thank you!


E-J said...

Wow, that is striking! I love everything about it too. What a lucky girl you are. :)

Margaret Ann said...

This card is just s-o-o-o cool!
M-M-M! LOVE it!

kmuhlstadt said...

I can't beleive how fast it made it across the ocean! Postal service amazes me...I'm glad it make it to you.

Anonymous said...

stunning!!! I'm so in awe of people who can combine a printed page with brilliant art work!! deni.....;)

Joan said...

I love the flower against the black writing. Lovely!