To Emma-Jane Rosenberg

'Spring Poetry' by Anita Davies

This is my reply postcard to E-J.

It is based on a slightly larger piece I did in my journal the same day.

In May last year E-J sent me my first handmade postcard. She used a blue paper to sketch on then stuck it onto the card to produce a layered design. So, I thought I'd use the paper the daffodils were wrapped in to do something similar for her.

Hope this brings a litle bit of Spring your way E-J!


E-J said...

Oh, it's lovely, Anita! Daffodils look so elegant and delicate while still closed.

I admire the way you're putting so much thought into the what, why and how of these postcards.

Margaret Ann said...

Ahhh..sweet memories of spring back "home" in northern Illinois...and thoughts of rich black soil and lime green grasses peeking into the air fresh with promise. Thanks for the "mini-vacation" Anita!

E-J said...

The card arrived today, and the daffodils are so much more delicate in real life than on the scan! Those fine pen lines are just gorgeous, and the collaged bits are perfect. Thank you Anita!

Anita Davies said...

You're welcome Margaret

Anita Davies said...

So pleased you like it E-J.
Yes, the scans and photos often fail to reproduce the art we make to it's full potential.