From Joan Tavolott

'Arched Porch' by Joan Tavolott

This is my postcard from Joan Tavolott.

I have a huge love for anything architectural, so this arched porch was an absolute joy to find hiding inside the Monet card Joan sent with it. I love the light on the steps and could easily pass a lot of time in a place like this...I can almost hear the birds singing in tree blossom.

Thankyou Joan!


Joan said...

I know I sent this to you, but when the blog opened with this one showing it was such a surprise. I know you love architectural details, and so do I. This was in a beautiful sculpture park in South Carolina. It also had this beautiful porch and lovely flowers and trees with hanging moss. I'm so glad you like it.

Anonymous said...

This is soo lovely. the stone and the flowering trees...what a lovely place to while away an afternoon!......deni...;)