From Dana Whitney

'Fantasy Fibre Flock' by Dana Whitney

This postcard from Dana arrived today and brightened my morning with it's character and colour. I love all the different poses of the sheep, especially the intellectual looking one right at the back who doesn't seem impressed by all the attention.

Thanks Dana!


Joan said...

Their personalities are showing. So cute!

Anonymous said...

This is just enchanting!! deni..;)

E-J said...

I really like that sideways-gazing sheep in the middle!

Wendy said...

This one is a real stand-out for me. I just love it. Anita it is so tricky for me to comment on your blog and I'm not sure how I managed this time, but it seems I have. It usually just goes click-click at me and the comments box doesn't open.

Anita Davies said...

Wendy, sorry to hear you are having problems commenting.

Have you tried right clicking over the comments link and selecting 'open in new window' ?