To Starr Daubenmire

'Star' By Anita Davies

This is my reply to Starr Daubenmire, sketched in ink, watercolour and gouache.

On browsing Starr's profile I learned that she can't go anywhere without her lipstick because 'It's the only thing that helps me think straight'.
Seemed like the perfect subject for my reply postcard to her.

Hope you like it Starr, I plan to post it first thing Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

what a perfectly great and personal card!! I love the detail on both the tube and pot! deni..;)

starrgirl's world said...

oooooooohhh, this looks perfect! Before I read your comment, I thought, "How did she know I love my lipstick??" I can't wait to get it!! Thanks so much! Starr

Joan said...

What a fun card to send to Starr! Gorgeous lipstick colors!! If I had to rely on lipstick to help me thinks straight, I'd be in trouble!

Lynn said...

This is simply beautiful! Love the background color, it sets the lipstick off perfectly.