To Margaret Hunt

Margaret sent me the most beautiful fabric postcard, hand stitched from back to front with tender care. My Dad does all my sewing, so a similar creation in reply was going to be a little difficult!
Then I remembered the quilt I sketched, from imagination, back in October 2007 and realised I could send Margaret my very own 'handstitched' postcard using a pen and a little coloured pencil.
Above is the result. A magical, imagination quilt that can take you anywhere you wish to be with one simple hug.

Enjoy Margaret!


SCquiltaddict said...

will be looking for it...great postcard...cant wait:>

Margaret Ann said...

Creativity + Love = Anita!
You continue to amaze and inspire me! Mmmmmmm...This is so YOU! :)

Anita Davies said...

So pleased you like it Margaret.

Thank you Margaret!

Joan said...

What a creative idea!!!!

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Joan!