From Cindi Bessent

'Wedding Chapel' by Cindi Bessent

Wendy sent me this gorgeous pen & wash postcard of a wedding chapel on Elkton Main Street.

Apparently Elkton was once known as the wedding capital of the East because of it's short waiting time of just 48 hours. In 1936 Elkton issued 11,791 marriage licenses and chapels lined Main Street. This is the last remining one.

It was such a wonderful bonus to have this snippet of history included with such a lovely painting.

Thank you Cindi.


Anonymous said...

what a lovely postcard!! In Nevada you can get married immediately and if you're a resident you can get a divorce in 24 hours.....it takes 6wks to establish residency...which is why there have been "divorce ranches" there since the 30's...the wife (usually) can go stay at one of these places for 6wks and then get divorced...bizarre, huh??? *L* deni.......;)

Joan said...

Lovely building with wonderful brickwork. Interesting history too!