To Cindi Bessent

Doddington Clock Tower by Anita Davies

Cindi sent me a beautiful pen & wash painting of a local chapel, so I thought I'd go with this theme and paint our local church....However, just recently, every time I try to park in a decent spot to sketch from someone has beaten me to it...Hence the delay with my reply.

So, instead I decided to go with the 'local history' theme and this morning I parked outside The George public house and sketched the clock tower in my village; Doddington.

The clock tower was erected to commemorate Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee in 1897, costing just £80. The spire and weathervane were added later in 1911, but in 1937, the county surveyor suggested it should be removed from the middle of the road to its present site.

Hope to post it out today Cindi, sorry for the delay!


Irene said...

It's absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the history lesson -- I love little tidbits like that! But what was in the middle of the road -- the entire tower? Can't tell since we don't see the base here.....

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Irene.
I've uploaded a photo of it in my flickr albumn here:

Joan said...

Wonderful job on the clock tower!! Sometimes the perfect place to sketch is right around the corner.

Anita Davies said...

I agree Joan, which is why I'm quite excited about my Summer project 'Close to home'